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Compiled Query- Improve the performance of Linq to Entity Query

Most of the small or medium IT firms are using the Entity framework for the Data Access layer (DAL). If we write a complex linq to Entity queries performance will always be an issue. But with the Compiled Query Performance can be improved. This below definitions are from MSDN and more details can be found on the MSDN Link that is at the end of this post 

         When you have an application that executes structurally similar queries many times in the Entity Framework, you can frequently increase performance by compiling the query one time and executing it several times with different parameters. For example, an application might have to retrieve all the QuoteRevision for a particular quotelineStatus, the quotelinestatus is specified at runtime. LINQ to Entities supports using compiled queries for this purpose.

              The compiled query class provides compilation and caching of queries for reuse. Conceptually, this class contains aCompiledQuery'sCompilemethod with several ove…

IT interview structure - A review

It interview structure- a review Interview is a process to select the right candidates for the right positions. The reason for this article is the way nowadays interviews are arranged by some IT related companies in London. Usually there are different levels of screening now companies are putting to select the right candidates. First round will be a cv screening round, followed by a telephonic interview ( mainly telling as technical discussion). If you pass all this round you will be selected for a face to face interview. Most companies follows one or more face to face interview and interaction session with the co- workers. If you are successful on all this rounds then only you will be offered the job.   Especially in London a lot opportunities are available and can find a lot competitive candidates from different countries. So the level of competition are very high on this cosmopolitan city. All this above interview round should guarantee a right candidate? Or a person with raw tal…