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Tips To Becoming A Leader At Work

Recentlyi read an article from YunSiang Long At Careerealism
So Thought To Share With My Readers With Some Modification.

1. Take Accountability
Take the accountability foranythingthat has your iconic belief in it. That means, as long as youparticipatein the project, you have a hand in the failure oftheproject.
Learning accountability means not just the good/successful things, but even thebad/failedones. Always find the best way to admit mistakes - it’s all righttobe wrong, but need to identify and sort out. You cannot become a master, ifyouhave not made any mistakes. One of the examples coming to my mind is Dr APJ Abdul Kalams Press Conference after a failed PSLV launch. He took the whole events in his shoulder and briefed the media with out exposing his colleagues.
2. Always trust In Win-Win
Each time a wave falls down they rise again – always think win-win. If wemetfailurealso believewinis around the corner or down the road. If you want to be a leader at work, always believe in your hands…