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How to add a stored procedure in Entity Framework

Step1- Open the .edmx file
Step2- Right click in .edmx file and select Update Model from Database

Step3- Select Add tab, select Stored Procedures and select the procedure you want to add and click finish as shown in below figure a

Step4- Build the Entity Project to make sure nothing is broke

Step5- Right click on .edmx file and  select Model Browser

Step6- Model Browser Popup will appear as  below figure. Click on the Strored Procedures in PricingToolModel.Stroe and click the newly added SP (it will appear here)
Step7- The Add Function Import screen will appear

Based on the return we can set up.

If you are returning a multiple column Click on the Get Column Information First, then click the new Complex Type. After that you can see the Return of Collection will select the Complex and a complex type is generated by EF

If its returning scalar you can select which return type like int, string etc...

If its return entitty (means table) please select the correct table from the list..


Where do you see yourself in next 5 year period?

This question is dedicated to every one who is searching for job. What kind of job you applying, you will meet this question some where in the selection journey. There are lots of techniques available to answer this question. Try to create an answer from  your own experience or from field. Some examples are 
First example
I am definitely interested in making long term commitment to my next position. What you have told me and from the job description, it is exactly what i am looking for and what i am very grateful to do. In terms of future career plan i am confident that if i do my work with excellence, the opportunities will definitely knock my doors. It is always been that way in my career and i am confident i will surely have the similar opportunity here. I will do the job to best of my ability and keep my eye open for the opportunities in the organisation. I am prepared to learn new things and ready to contribute to the overall success of the organisation in a number of ways as it …