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The Company of the future race?

Introduction Have you ever heard about Valve? - The company that develops amazing video games- the global leader in video game software Industry. Games like Counter-Strike, Half Live, and Team fortress are some of the best from their archery. For management students and enthusiasts, the importance of Valve is not only about these games but also have an amazing organisational model that traditional companies inching to follow. Let's review what Valve is doing better in the level of management functions. This is my interpretation after doing the case study for my course. Valve is an example of emergence over hierarchy model, each employee is free to choose and initiate their own projects and disputes are resolved through consensus. Teams are formed by individuals around topics of interest. Each team has leaders chosen by informal agreement and there is neither supremacy nor financial benefit associated with it. Example someone shows an interest to do a project and everyone will say …

Emergence and Creative Confidence

I started my career on 1st of September 2008 as a software developer at Manchester. Some people in my personal life might know about it. I like to say, that day as the day I found an aura in my life, transformation from the worst possible situation into a new beginning in a matter of 1 hour. The week before, I got an interview confirmation from that company and I was not at all excited about it because I know it is going to be the final interview in UK if I am unsuccessful. I was in that mental state because I was not successful for past 12 such occurrences and not expecting anything different. This shows I was not a brilliant person but had a strong passion and hardworking nature to achieve success. I passed my masters on Sep 2007 and after that, I decided to work only in software development, and lots of people including my parents told this as a worst possible decision. To be precise, they have no issues in choosing software development, but on my adamant decision only software d…