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Interviewer category

I attended a couple of interviews during my 5+ year career and and  the experience of my friends circle, especially for getting the first opportunity in the UK and came across various types of interviews. Based on that limited knowledge I can categorize the interviewers into 4 categories
1-     Technically well sounded interviewer 2-     Interviewer who has taken a list of questions and asking only those questions 3-   Interviewer have no idea about technology they are recruiting for but know about the kind of business the company is doing 4-     An interviewer who speaks more about the problems they faced with during the ex- colleagues
Category-1 technically well soundedinterviewer
I came across 25-30%of technically sounded interviewers. They had clear idea about what they are recruiting for. Manipulating such an interviewer is a big issue. For all interviews basic thing we need to keep is try to be honest for 100% . But in front of a technically sounded person and who know what he is doin…