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MVC Pattern

The main purpose of MVC pattern is to decouple the graphical user interface (GUI) from the data.It gives the ability to provide multiple views for the same data. MVC pattern separates objects into three important sections:

It is specially for maintaining the data. Its is actually where your business logic, querying database, etc are implemented. This section is represented by data view, dataset, typed dataset, business components, business entity model etc. This section can be tied upto either windows application or web UI.

Displaying all or some portions of data, or probably different view of data. View is responsible for look and feel, sorting, etc. ASPX, ASCX, or windows application UI etc.


They are event handling section, which affect either model or view. In ASP.NET the Code behind.


Whats  Shouldserialize?
Shouldserialize is an optional method that you can provide for a property, if the property does not have a simple default value.
Why I used this in my project  In  fortnight period, some projects broken several times because,  some properties defined as nullable and do not have any default value. So while you creating a property if it do not have any default value or  is nullable, please use the service of shouldserilaize optional method J.

Property:-                 Public _MyCar As Nullable(Of String) = Nothing _ Public Property MyCar() As Nullable(Of String) Get Return _MyCar End Get Set(ByVal value As Nullable(Of String)) _MyCar = value End Set End PropertyShould Serilalize method:- Public Function ShouldSerializeMyCar() As Boolean Return (MyCar.HasValue) End FunctionNaming concept is ShouldSerialize followed by property nameMore Det…

Concept of web parts

Web part is a window of information inside webpage which can be edited, closed, minimised and dragged by the end user. We can say web part is providing the customization to the end user. Costomization can be,

You can add or remove the control from the web page.
Users can modify or edit the appearence of the window control
Cantrol can be dragged into the different position of the web page.

Different web part manager
The web part manager manages all the webpart on a web page. Its not visible, but it control evey operation of the web control from back ground. web part manager can be operated in different modes( Browse, display, edit, catalog, connect ).
      In browse mode we can not edit or drag the web part. In this mode we can only minimize and close the web part.
Code:- Dim wpManager as new webpartmanager
                   wpManager.Displaymode= WebpartManager.BrowseDisplayMode
In Design Mode we can drag and dropcontrols between webpart. Editor zone will provide this funcationality

Data base questions Continue....

      SQL statements are good for set at a time operations. So it is good for for handling a group of data. But there are scenarios when you want to update a row depending upon a some specific criteria, like loop through the rows and update the row. This time we are using cursors
There are different steps to create cursors
4.Close and deallocate.

Difference between delete and truncate statements?
Delete is data manipulation language
Truncate is  data definition language
Truncate Cannot be rollnacked while delete can be
Can not use trancate on a table referenced be foreign key
Delete table sysntax logs the delete, truncate table does not log any information but it logs information about deallocation of data page of table.
Delete can have criteria while truncate can not
Trucate reset the identity of the table, while delete do not reset the identity.

Some Database questions

Normalization Normalization is a set of rules used for the design of database tables and table are meant to be connected through relation ship. This set of rules are know as normalization. Normalization will avoid the repetitive entries, reduces the storage space, will avoid the need to restructure the table to accommodate new data. By doing the normalization you can increase the speed and flexibility of queries, summaries etc.
First normal form Data must be broken into the smallest unit as possible and should not contain any repetitive group of fields.
ID      Name                 Pet1   Pet2     Hours  Days  TotalHours/Week 1       Adarsh Soman    Cat    Cat2      5         5        25
Here name can be broken as first name and last name and pet repeating. So based on the first normal form the table will become as
ID      First Name      LastName  Pet    Hours  Days  TotalHours/Week 1        Adarsh           Soman       Cat       5         5        25
Second Normal Form
Each non key field shou…


What are the different ways we can maintain the state?
.Session(various modes of storing sessions are inproc, stateserver, sql server) session end occurs only in inproc mode.Hidden Field -data cached on client sideView state- Internally maintained as hidden filed (hashed)Hidden framesQuery string- its is the info sent to the server appended at the end of the pageCookies
Object Role Model(ORM) ORM is the process of creating the diagrams to represent real world concepts that influence the software. ORM contains objects(entity), relationship between the objects,  and the attribute that define that object.( after hearing that we could think ea can use er diagram for this(ER diagram related with database) ORM offer purely logical modelling tool for users, business analysts, developers, architects etc.ORMs are creating for the users requirements. Quality of Service requirement(QOS) -Defines a contractual, or non-functional requirement that the system must be meet. These requirements are often u…

Some Interview .NET Questions - part 1

1) Difference between the .NET frame works
Frame work 1.1- Basic frame works + Web services+ Common language run time (CLR)
Frame work2.0- Generics, partial classes etc
Framework 3.5- LINQ, AJAX etc

2)Web Services- Web Services are the BL (business logic) component . Its providing services via internet using the standard internet protocols like HTTP.  In order to expose the business functionality  web services uses a SOAP(Simple object access protocol, uses XML format). XML format make it platform independent. So services can written using windows can communicate with different platforms like Unix and Linux.

3)Strong names:- Its like GUID. Strong name are used by the global assembly cache, to differentiate between different versions.

4)Dispose Method:-Dispose is from Disposable interface. If you want to clean up an unmanaged resource best way to implement the IDisposable interface and override the Dispose method.

5) Enum- Constants are defined using enum key word

6) Globalisation:- s…

CV Preparation

An old saying, - First Impression is the best impression. When we are applying for the jobs, chances of getting interview depend mainly on CV. Each location has its own CV format. While applying for an UK based job you need to sent a standard UK  format CV(optional cases some organisations do not accepts CV). 

1 Header with Name, phone number and email address (avoid address)
2 Career Conspectus – Describe about your experience, what technology you familiar with, what domain you got experience etc
3. Technical Skills – Mention all the technical skills on this section (In good format, if necessary use tables) 4. Certifications - Mention about the Certifications passed.
5. Employment Chronicle- Mention about the professional experience (Most recent first).Include Project name/Client name  , a brief summary  of project, your responsibility (Means role in the project), and the environment(Which  technologies used) which the projects works 6. Internal ship-Mention the internal ship undertaken7 A…

How to find a software/IT job in UK?

Best Job Sites
CWJOBS (search with Direct Employer and Apply otherwise losts of unwanted ads from recruiters, personally i hate them like hell) (Nowadays can only see advertisements from recruiters only, if you can dont go there)

Totaljobs (search with Direct Employer )

This one covering the software company hierarchy and different positions
Most commonly unlike, big IT companies ,UK software houses are small in structure.
Here company hierarchy is some what looks like below

Director/Board of directors
Project Manager
Project Leaders (rarely)
Software developers |
Junior Developers(Optional: In Some organisations)
Case 1: Procedure for Junior software Role(0 -1 year experience) Step 1.Application form
Step 2.Telephonic interview
Step 3.Test
Step 4.Face to face technical interview(technical questions)
Step 5 Face to face HR interview( Some companies do step 4 and 5 together)
Step 6: Offer
Step 7: Contract signing
Easy to get junior roles are
Salary range-18K-27K per annum (I…


Lets Start with something quite interesting. So I am selecting SRT( As an Indian too much dedicated towards cricket). For me cricket means Sachin. When ever Sachin is in crease i never looks the score. Like to see Sachin plays at least 35 to 40 overs. Usually by that time he will reach his century. My passion is to study the statistics of Sachin. You know Sachin looks almost 72 games to hit his first century. After 17 years now ( more than 350 matches he played after) he had 46 ODI century, what an amazing batsman. Till 1992 -1993 if you looks his ODI average its in late twenties. But now its after that 350 matches now more than 45. I know one thing Sachin will play till his wish. I like to see him score more than 100 odi century( Sachin personally enjoys this). Its not a barrier , but a guy got that much passion towards game can achieve it. I always ideals Sachin. While i am working and have difficult situations, I always think how Sachin played 137 against Australia (dessert storm) …