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A project management experience at the eve of release

Last 2 months I was not updating my blog because I was busy with some interesting opportunities in my career. Today I am writing this blog on the eve of a project release. Even though I have been involved in a lot of projects for more than 4 years, this is the project that went through all the process estimation, planning, design, implementation, uat and release happened as perfectly as planned. So I thought of sharing my wonderful experience with all my readers. This is the project my organization decided to outsource. But I am showing in my interest to manage this project to our commercial director. Finally lots of management level meeting finally it came to me, but with strict deadlines. On August first week commercial director given green signal for this project and given a business analyst to discuss the business needs. Myself will manage the project in terms of the technical side and the product side business analyst will help to get the requirement. I already worked with this…