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Emergence and Creative Confidence

I started my career on 1st of September 2008 as a software developer at Manchester. Some people in my personal life might know about it. I like to say, that day as the day I found an aura in my life, transformation from the worst possible situation into a new beginning in a matter of 1 hour. The week before, I got an interview confirmation from that company and I was not at all excited about it because I know it is going to be the final interview in UK if I am unsuccessful. I was in that mental state because I was not successful for past 12 such occurrences and not expecting anything different. This shows I was not a brilliant person but had a strong passion and hardworking nature to achieve success. I passed my masters on Sep 2007 and after that, I decided to work only in software development, and lots of people including my parents told this as a worst possible decision. To be precise, they have no issues in choosing software development, but on my adamant decision only software d…