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Single page application (SPA) using ext.js

what is spa? Single page application are applications that fit in one page with rich and fluid user experiences like a desktop based applications. Why is SPA? All web based elements (html, CSS,javascript) are downloaded from the server on single page load and avoid the continuous page post back. i can explain what this mean. Suppose your web application is made of certain flow and it consists of 5 different pages. Each page need to get data from the user and save before moving to the next page. So when we navigate from one page to other it need to make a round trip to server to store the data in one page and get the data for the next page to display. but in spa we can avoid the continuous post backs. The whole page will not post back any time other than the first load. But it communicate to the server dynamically behind the scene and can achieve the same functionality. Spa using ext.js designing a SPA using ext.js is a challenging task if you are unaware about the ext.js framework or simil…