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#saynotointerview for recruitment process

I recently went for a training that consists of employees from multinational corporations. During the brainstorming sessions, one fellow gentleman started speaking about firing his colleague. This guy is actually a senior manager and he interviewed the departed. He was blaming the unfortunate guy told he knows all the job description and he was smart during the interview. So they selected him for the job. But in the job, he never raised to his potential and they sacked him. The senior manager was claiming in the brainstorming session the decision was correct. But lots of people in training disagreed with that. Majority people told the recruitment or interview process in the company flawed to test that lad's knowledge. I strongly believe this might not be a one of the situation in recruitment? How many of you came across similar experience in your professional career? Do you believe the things we put in the job description are the exact things the potential employees will be doing…