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How to get collections on viewmodel on postback in MVC

In mvc most of the people will face problem how to bind view model list while post request. If a partial control is binding with a list and want to preserve the user input with view model list, most common issue is id/name is same. If the Id/Name are different only MVC engine can bind it with the model.

Please see the below example

Build the view/partial view in the following way. By keeping a row counter means all items will have unique names.

Suppose this partial view is coming inside a View Called MethodName.ASPX and is included inside the

Main Page
using html.beginform()

<%html.dropdownlist(model=>model.Test, new {onclick=Test(<%=model.Id%>);});
<.div id="dvPopulatePartialViewWithList"></.div>

Javascript function Test
function Test(id) {  $.ajax({         type: "Get",         data: "Id=" + Id,         url: '/MyController/GetPartialViewListById',         success: function (result) {             $('#dvPo…

Entity framework practices

People who are using entity framework for Dal single dbcontext is going to be a problem in BLL. I use the following structureI used to get the single dbContext by:- Each single repo class should inherit from base repo class and in base repo class should initialise the dbcontext.The BaseRepository  public class BaseRepo    {       private readonly bool isNewInstance;       protected OnlineProductLinkEntitiesdbContext;       protected BaseRepository()       {           dbContext = newOnlineProductLinkEntities();           isNewInstance = true;       }       protectedBaseRepository(OnlineProductLinkEntitiesdbContext)       {           isNewInstance = dbContext == null;           if (isNewInstance)               dbContext = newOnlineProductLinkEntities();           this.dbContext = dbContext;       }       protected voidCheckAndTryToOpenConnection()       {           if (dbContext == null)               dbContext = newOnlineProductLinkEntities();           if (dbContext.Connection.State !…