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A project management experience at the eve of release

Last 2 months I was not updating my blog because I was busy with some interesting opportunities in my career. Today I am writing this blog on the eve of a project release. Even though I have been involved in a lot of projects for more than 4 years, this is the project that went through all the process estimation, planning, design, implementation, uat and release happened as perfectly as planned. So I thought of sharing my wonderful experience with all my readers. This is the project my organization decided to outsource. But I am showing in my interest to manage this project to our commercial director. Finally lots of management level meeting finally it came to me, but with strict deadlines. On August first week commercial director given green signal for this project and given a business analyst to discuss the business needs. Myself will manage the project in terms of the technical side and the product side business analyst will help to get the requirement. I already worked with this business analyst in my previous projects and we personally have a better mutual understanding each other. Whatever I think, he can understand really well and his thoughts are always can make perfect impact on me. So this bonding already placed the foundation for a big project success. Myself and Ba initially planned an appointment with the project requester and taken the initial requirement. After that meeting I really understood we can deliver this on time even though the project requester got some doubt. I worked lots of big projects in my previous company and I always followed the way my team leads and project managers handled the projects. One of the big project that came to me was a British airways group project and the way my project manager leads the project. In my current organization even though we are saying we are following agile Scrum, but we never kept and progress bar for that. So first change I introduced in this project is the use of the physical progress bar with tickets. Then looking at the board I really can understand the progress of work. Once we got the requirement I divided this to user stories And created bug track items. Once all the stories are put down in the team foundation server, next is dividing the stories into granular level task an updated the progress bar. When my progress bar was filled with tickets some of my team members shown their disinterest in it. They were asking why we need a physical progress board when we had Tfs. My answer was simple every time it's not easy to TFS and understand the progress. I need the progress in my eyes whenever I needed. Now in the eve of the release I can say confidently it helped my project management 100%. Around 15 august me and Ba had a meeting with our managing director. Initially he was forced to send the project for outsourcing. He was bargaining with the deadline. I looked the calendar and my progress board. I have given first of October as release date a two week prior to that will go for uat and sales training. He agreed the date. Now the ball reached my court. 6 week time need to go live and in 4 week time need to go uat and resources for me was limited. This is the first time I am committing a deadline to senior management and the business was looking on this project. I am confident of one thing . My estimations will not go wrong because we clearly got the requirement and I divided the task and I will be able to finish the work in 22 working days. But the main issue was the change of requirement. it can happen at any time because the company is going through a transition period. All the company's premium products are re-branding and lots of new products are introduced by the product team. I took the technical decision which technologies were used. Already we were using mvc2 in other projects. When I did research I found that mvc3 is more stable and can get the built in view engine support. So I preferred mvc3. When the design of the system started I have given importance to usability and performance and uniformity in the process. Color schemes image is used in correlation with the branding that provided by marketing. Coding finished in 13 days time and given a first demo to the project requester and the managing director from last week of August. Initially it was supporting the next generation internet connection. But the request comes for lot of bespoke product that our company is providing as a business solution to our customers and partner like sip connect data center connectivity to partners and data centre connect with multiple end point, carrier connectivity, smart internet service. Smartwire etc. When I deployed for the staging first time I came across lots of issues relating ISO standards. Example like Servers are maintained by NMS Team. Port and firewall by core network team etc. I am so fortunate that time the systems manger he was with my current organization for more than five years came to support me to sort out this issue. Any ways as promised we deployed the system for Uat in last Monday 17 of September. Last 8,9 days lots of testing happened for different areas some form sales guys some from partners some from business analysis some from commercial team some from my team brand testing by marketing etc and fixed a lot of issues. Whenever something is went wrong my colleagues step up and delivered the standard that we expected from a development team. Finally the big D day arrived. 3 days prior to the initial estimation I am releasing the project tomorrow. My team did a wonderful work. We are not claiming the system is 100% perfect. But we can assure from the end user perspective we can remove a lot of pressure and we can take them into a new user experience. There will be new versions coming in the next few months. But as a starting point I am proud everyone associated with this delivered. This small small contribution takes this to a stage where we can tell the user come and experience one of the best solutions for the telecommunication domain. Here in this world success only matters. I pray to the god please convert all our hard work to a big success. If I fail tomorrow nobody care about the past what I delivered, I know that as well. With this I am concluding. Hope all have great times. God bless you.


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