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Interviewer category

I attended a couple of interviews during my 5+ year career and  and  the experience of my friends circle, especially for getting the first opportunity in the UK and came across various types of interviews. Based on that limited knowledge I can categorize the interviewers into 4 categories

1-     Technically well sounded interviewer
2-     Interviewer who has taken a list of questions and asking only those questions
3-   Interviewer have no idea about technology they are recruiting for but know about the kind of business the company is doing
4-     An interviewer who speaks more about the problems they faced with during the ex- colleagues

Category-1 technically well sounded interviewer

I came across 25-30%of technically sounded interviewers. They had clear idea about what they are recruiting for. Manipulating such an interviewer is a big issue. For all interviews basic thing we need to keep is try to be honest for 100% . But in front of a technically sounded person and who know what he is doing try to be 150% honest. If you try to fool him you won't be getting the job.

Category2-interviewer who has taken a list of questions and asking only those questions

I came across 30-40% interviewers this kind. They usually refer some commonly asked online interview questions and make them as interview. Manipulating them is very much easy. Prepare the interview with related technology Q&a. If you don't get time to prepare all at least go through commonly asked interview questions.

If you go through 2,3 interview and you prepare every interview with commonly asked questions, getting a job in 3 interviews is much guaranteed.

Category 3- interviewer have no idea about technology they are recruiting for but knows about the kind of business the company is doing

I came across 20-25% this kind of interviewer during my 5 years career.
People who might become managers or development head with different kind of skill set and very Less knowledge about the technology they are recruiting for.
They will ask very limited technical questions but ask more business problems.
Like if I have to access a web service from third party how you will design the system. Tackling this kind of interviewers is difficult job unless you are very good knowledge about the work you are doing. This kind of people less worried about the technical questions, but might be they will ask one or two technical questions. But getting an offer from this kind of people is very difficult if you are a starter or a graduate job finder.

Category 4- interviewer who speak more about the problems they faced with the ex- colleagues

I came across 10-15 % interviewers of this kind.they won't be satisfied with any kind of answers. But there are good opportunity to get job also from this people. Can tell an example might be they are not satisfied with 14 previous interviews and if you performed bit better than previous 14 this people might offer you the Job. This kind of interviewer will give you very less opportunity to talk. They will only blame about what went wrong when previous employee did the job. They only talk about the problems they faced during last 6-10 months. They don't want to listen to the candidate skills or passion. My advice is if you get an offer from such kind of people stay away from that. Because they will not be happy with you after 6 months of job. They always want more. Like if the system is not working after 5.30 pm this people want you to work and finish the job, but they won't be ready to pay any kind of compensation. If your work is staring at 9 am you need to be office at 9 am.

Like employers have opportunity to select the candidates, candidates are also need to decide which employee they want to work for. Because if you have a real passion for your work some categories of people will make you as a person who hates jobs

I this 4 category if you get in first category or third category you will really get some opportunity to enjoy the work. 2nd category is in tolerable range but stay away from 4th category.

At the mean time if you are an interviewer please identify which group you belong.


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