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Emergence and Creative Confidence

I started my career on 1st of September 2008 as a software developer at Manchester. Some people in my personal life might know about it. I like to say, that day as the day I found an aura in my life, transformation from the worst possible situation into a new beginning in a matter of 1 hour. The week before, I got an interview confirmation from that company and I was not at all excited about it because I know it is going to be the final interview in UK if I am unsuccessful. I was in that mental state because I was not successful for past 12 such occurrences and not expecting anything different. This shows I was not a brilliant person but had a strong passion and hardworking nature to achieve success. I passed my masters on Sep 2007 and after that, I decided to work only in software development, and lots of people including my parents told this as a worst possible decision. To be precise, they have no issues in choosing software development, but on my adamant decision only software development. Prior to that, I was doing a part-time job and I had around £2000 in my account and got some credit cards worth £1500. I decided to focus on my area of study because I heard lots of students coming from Asia are doing some part-time jobs and continue in that vicious loop. So I decided I don’t want to be in that group. I started applying for software development jobs and that too in the worst possible period I could be looking for a Job, the starting of the recession period. By august 2008 I already did one swap of technology from Java based jobs to .Net based job after understanding the market. Regarding my financial situation by August 2008, I already spend £1980 from my account and credit card outstanding balance of £1000. Out of this 12 Job interviews, one of them was final survival try, throwing all my adamant decision work only in software development and went for an interview of a cleaning job nearby Sainsbury store. I went for the interview and the Manager shown me the things to clear. To be honest it’s cleaning the toilets in Sainsbury store. He liked my obedience and did the induction (showing how to clean it when remains are left in the toilet). He sent me back from there, saying I will be receiving a confirmation message with start date of the shift. Shift usually start from early morning 5.15 and finish by 8.15AM. By doing those 3 hours of job I can earn my livelihood and can continue my job hunt. The next day I was calm and waiting for the confirmation message, but I received a call from him saying the previous person who supposed to leave the job didn’t leave, so I won't get the Job. That is when I decided to go back to my country and do some Job based on my qualification. Usually, I go for interview alone but on my 13th interview my friend drove me to the office, since I couldn't afford the train ticket . I arrived there 30 minutes late and on the way, I informed the hiring manager we lost the way. The IT director received me from the reception saying all their good developers are always late and gave me the confidence the best possible way. IT director and hiring manager took the Interview. They asked lots of questions and I believe I gave some good, positive responses back (not claiming I answered correctly, but my responses were confident as I don’t have anything to lose by that time). At the end of the interview, they told me they want to discuss and they went outside the interview room. The IT director came back and straight away offered the Job that also well paid for a no-UK experienced person. Actually, I would have accepted the offer even if it was half of what they have offered. To be honest in none of my Jobs I was really worried about the salary. I gave more respect for the responsibilities rather than the monetary benefits. I believe if I do the job best of my ability, the financial securities will always be there. It has been the same way in my career and I believe in future also things will work like that. One more thing I like to highlight is no job I left so far in my career because of money. The day I got the job, I truly realised one thing – “worries can never eradicate crisis from life” and decided I will never worry about anything in Life. Before the interview, I was in the worst possible crisis for a 25 years old (who is away from home and had an educational loan for masters studies) and after one successful Interview the new emergence. I came across lots of crises in my life after that, but I always think about the worst period after my master. It will always give an extra confidence and courage to face everything so far. These kinds of personal experiences only strengthen my skills, now when I am dealing with different set of peoples/teams/organisations. As a leader I am finding solutions for the different sets problems- say Microsoft Azure Licensing issues, or azure platform issues, or tackling CRM performance, or architecting the security for the web applications or looking for SQL performance improvement, or empowering people with the best possible usage of agile practices or finding solutions for internal politics in teams/organisations etc. Whenever I face a constraint or problems in my workplace, I usually emerge to provide a solution. After started learning the new leadership tricks and practises, I would like to know myself as a leader who motivates the people surrounding me and enforcing others to emerge from their shells and contribute towards the personal growth and well-being.


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