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#saynotointerview for recruitment process

I recently went for a training that consists of employees from multinational corporations. During the brainstorming sessions, one fellow gentleman started speaking about firing his colleague. This guy is actually a senior manager and he interviewed the departed. He was blaming the unfortunate guy told he knows all the job description and he was smart during the interview. So they selected him for the job. But in the job, he never raised to his potential and they sacked him. The senior manager was claiming in the brainstorming session the decision was correct. But lots of people in training disagreed with that. Majority people told the recruitment or interview process in the company flawed to test that lad's knowledge. I strongly believe this might not be a one of the situation in recruitment? How many of you came across similar experience in your professional career?
Do you believe the things we put in the job description are the exact things the potential employees will be doing their job? Or is it the aspirational stuff the organisation or the management indented to do? I am going to make a very controversial statement here. In my career, I never worked for any organisation that described the exact job in their job description. I strongly believe most of you reading this will also not disagreeing with me on this case. That is where I believe we should have to think about our recruitment process. Do we need someone to answer the interview questions based on organisations aspirations? Or do we need the real talents who can make a difference in your work environment?
Some of the companies already do some real time tests or practises in the actual office environment as part of the recruitment process. They will be only selected based on the initial assessment or test, initial interview- some might be after the 1st telephonic interview or technical interview. Do you think in 2-4 hours assessment like this can actually bring out the raw latent skills and capabilities? I can strongly say this will never give you the expected result. One of my head of department and I had this discussion and he told me the trust and behaviour aspects are his main reason for making the final cut on this. The questions remain the same? Is it the best candidate for the job?   
All the interview processes that mentioned before are there for long period. Any of you ever thought or read about any alternative approaches to recruiting the right candidate? I believe in this twenty-first century we need to think about unconventional approaches for recruiting the right candidates for driving the organisations and the world forward. So what alternatives can we think about?
The slogan I am putting down is #saynotointerviews. I believe we should give the potential employees to showcase their skills and talents in the real work environment.
  • Take the potential candidate for 2,3 days of real work environment
  • Ask them to do a specific task as your normal employees are doing.
  • Assign them to a partner to track their progress.
  • Evaluate them over this 2, 3 days how they catching up with the job.
  • How do they understand the job function?
  • How are they applying their knowledge in the actual work culture?
  • Ask them to present their experience to the team.
  • Review them based on how they performed on last 2 or 3 day
  • Select the most suitable candidate for your work environment.
I know there are lots of companies around the world trying different approaches in their recruitment processes. But how many organisations on the current setup can think differently about their current recruitment process?  Anyone ready to scrap their traditional recruitment process and ready to explore the process described above? I believe this will definitely going to help the organisations to find the best/cream candidate for your setup. These potential employees will also be going to benefits from these kind experiences. I would like to conclude this with a George Bernard Shaw quote, "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."


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