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Concept of web parts

Web part is a window of information inside webpage which can be edited, closed, minimised and dragged by the end user. We can say web part is providing the customization to the end user. Costomization can be,

You can add or remove the control from the web page.
Users can modify or edit the appearence of the window control
Cantrol can be dragged into the different position of the web page.

Different web part manager
The web part manager manages all the webpart on a web page. Its not visible, but it control evey operation of the web control from back ground. web part manager can be operated in different modes( Browse, display, edit, catalog, connect ).
      In browse mode we can not edit or drag the web part. In this mode we can only minimize and close the web part.
Code:- Dim wpManager as new webpartmanager
                   wpManager.Displaymode= WebpartManager.BrowseDisplayMode
     In Design Mode we can drag and dropcontrols between webpart. Editor zone will provide this funcationality
     In Edit Mode we can edit appearance, behaviour, layout of a web control

4 Different zones in webparts
There for four importatnt zones in web part, web part zone, catelog zone, edit zone and connection zone.Web part zone contain all the different web part windows, while other zones are for editing, connecting and selecting the control.


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